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Methyl ethyl ketoxime

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Chemical Name:Methyl ethyl ketoxime (MEKO)

Molecular Formula: C4H9NO

Structural Formula: 

Molecular Weight: 87.12

CAS No.: 96-29-7

UN No.:1993

EINECS: 202-496-6

HS Code:2928000090


Physical and chemical properties: It’s a colorless and transparent oily liquid under room temperature and atmospheric pressure.

Melting Point: -29.5℃Boiling Point: 152~153℃;Density: 0.922 at 20℃.

Specifications: Appearance: Colorless or and transparent liquid.

MEKO Assay: 99.9%



Remark: Specifications can be discussed according to the customer’s needs.

Applications: The product is an anti-oxidant or anti-skinning agent for oil-based coating. Its high-purity grade can be used for the synthesis of silicone crosslinking agent, silicone curing agent and blocking agent of isocyanate. It can prevent skinning and stabilize viscosity of various kinds of alkyd resin coatings, epoxy resins and polyurethanes during storage.

Packages: PE blown drum, Net Weight:180kg/per drum.

Steel drum with plastic liner, Net Weight: 190kg/per drum.

 IBC drum, Net Weight: 920kg/per drum.

Packing and Handling:The product can be shipped in PE blown drum, Steel drum with plastic liner, IBC drum or Bulk Tank. It should be stored in cool and dry place and be kept away from heat source.

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