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Hydroxylamine hydrochloride

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Chemical Name: Hydroxylamine hydrochloride(HAHCL)

Molecular Formula: NH2OH.HCL

Structural Formula:

Molecular Weight: 69.49

CAS No.:5470-11-1

UN No.:2923

EINCES: 226-798-2

HS Code: 2825109000

Physical and chemical properties: Colorless crystal; easy deliquescence.

Melting Point:152℃; Density:1.67g/cm3(17℃).

Soluble in water, ethanol and glycerin; Not soluble in Diethyl Ether.

Specifications: Appearance: White crystal.





Remark: Specifications can be discussed according to the customer’s needs.

Application: Reducing agent, imaging agent, oxime, anti cancer medicine,Sulfonamides(Sulfamethoxazole),Pesticide(Methomyl),dye intermediate(Isatin),antioxidant in fatty oil industry, etc.

Packages: 25kg/LDPE bag, 1Mt/Pallet.

        25kg/carton, 27 drums/pallet.

Packing and Handling: Prevent from shipping with reducing agents and food chemicals. The delivery vehicles shall be equipped to handle emergent leakage. Prevent from strong sunlight, rain and heat during transportation.

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