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Acetone oxime

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Chemical Name: Acetone oxime(DMKO)

Molecular Formula: C3H7NO

Structural Formula:

Molecular Weight: 73.0938

CAS No.:127-06-0

UN No.:1325

EINCES: 204-820-1

HS Code: 2928000090

Physical and chemical properties: White crystalline solid.

Melting Point: 61℃Boiling Point: 136℃;Density: 0.922 at 20℃; Flash point:60℃;

Density: 0.9113; Refractive index:1.4156.

It is soluble in water, ethanol, ether and acetone. Also soluble in acid and base; easy for hydrolysis in diluted acid; quickly evaporate in open air.

Specifications: Appearance: White flaky crystal.



           Residue on Ignition:0.001%



Remark: Specifications can be discussed according to the customer’s needs.

Applications:It is used as raw material for medicine, pesticides, dyes and organosilane coupling agents. It is also useful in the determination of nickel---and cobalt. Acetone oxime is an excellent corrosion inhibitor(deoxidant) with lower toxicity and greater stability compared to hydrazine.

Package: 25kg/cardboard drum; 25kg/kraft paper bag; 180kg/metal drum.

Packing and Handling: It is stored in dry and cool storage room with proper vent, keep away from flame and heat. Explosive proof vent equipment and system should be used. Avoid in contact with oxidant and acid. Handling with care to avoid package damage.

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